Frequently Asked Question

Jobs is an extension of the Zerroo Global Platform, built specifically for the business and financial services sector.

To post a job as an employer or agency, simply create an employer account via this link

Your account will be verified within 24 hours. Thereafter, you will be able to start posting job advertisements.

All accounts created are permanent and does not expire. However, we reserve the rights to terminal accounts which are in violation of our terms of use

For pricing, please refer to our pricing page via this link

Each account has a limit to the number of concurrent job postings.

For more details, please refer to our pricing page via this link

Each job will be on the portal for one month, after which it will expire. If you wish for that posting to remain on the portal, you can go to “My Job Ads & Applicants”, “View Expired Jobs” then “Edit and Repost” under the “Action” column.

Each job posting should have only one job description and one job requirement only. Multiple descriptions and requirements within one posting are not allowed. This is to make it easier for our job alert agent and classification system to match jobseekers for you. 

Each job posting should have a job title as its title. Titles like “Various vacancies available” or “lots of fresh graduate jobs” are not allowed. However, titles which are similar like “Sales Executive/Manager” or “Accounts Assistant/Accounts Executive” are allowed provided there is only one job description and requirement in the body. This is to ensure that jobseekers are able to find your job when they make a job search. 

To double check that the job was posted, click on “My Job Ads & Applicants”. You should see the job title of the job that you have just posted under “ACTIVE Job Advertisements”, and with the status of “Enabled” 

Yes you can edit both the job title and the job description if you have posted a free job.

  • Click on “My Job Ads & Applicants”
  • Look for the Job title you wish to edit, and click “Edit Job” under the “Action” column
  • Do the necessary changes
  • Submit

Go to “My Job Ads & Applicants”

Under the Job Title that you wish to remove, click on “Edit” under the “Action” column.

Scroll to the bottom, and click status as “Disabled”

Click on submit.